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The role of Oil Filters


Oil Filters are an important component in vehicle engines. Their function is to filter out impurities, pollutants and particles in the oil to protect the normal operation of the engine and extend its life. The following are the main functions of the oil filter:

Removal of impurities and particles: Moving parts inside the engine produce wear and friction, which results in metal shavings, sand and other particles in the oil. The oil filter reduces wear and tear on engine parts by filtering out these impurities and particles and preventing them from entering the interior of the engine.

Removal of Asphalt and Carbon Residues: Motor oil also absorbs asphalt, carbon residue and other deposits inside the engine. The purpose of the oil filter is to filter out these contaminants to maintain the cleanliness and performance of the oil.

Maintain lubrication properties: Oil plays a role in lubrication and cooling inside the engine. Oil Filters can ensure that the oil maintains its lubrication properties, thereby reducing friction, reducing wear, and protecting engine components.

Pressure maintenance during cold starts: Engine oil is very important for engine lubrication during cold starts. The oil filter ensures that the oil has sufficient pressure when the engine is started to prevent insufficient lubrication and damage to the engine.

Improved fuel economy: Clean engine oil reduces engine friction and improves fuel economy. The oil filter's job is to ensure that the oil stays clean, which helps improve fuel economy.

In conclusion, Oil Filters play a key role in protecting your engine from contamination, wear and damage. Regularly changing the oil filter and oil is one of the key measures to maintain engine performance and extend engine life. If the oil filter is not working properly or is overcrowded, the oil will not be able to effectively perform its role of lubrication and protection, potentially resulting in reduced engine performance, damage, and expensive repairs.

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