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Application scenarios of hot stamping machine


Hot stamping machine is suitable for thermal transfer printing, hot pressing, hot stamping and die-cutting of various materials. The following are some application scenarios:

Thermal transfer printing: Thermal transfer printing is to print patterns or text on various fabrics and leather materials such as clothes, shoes, handbags, belts, etc. through a certain heat transfer printing process. The thermal printing machine can stamp patterns or text on materials very accurately, and the effect is very beautiful.

Hot press molding: The thermal printer can also use thermoplastic sheets, films, PVC soft sheets, EVA foam and other materials through the heating and softening molding process to produce various flat and three-dimensional signs, logos, patterns, trademarks, LOGOs, etc. product.

Hot stamping: The hot stamping machine uses a certain pressure and high temperature to contact the colored foil with the deformed part of the material for stamping. It can stamp metal sheets or plastic materials into products of various shapes.

Die-cutting: The thermal printer can also cut specific shapes of patterns, logos and other materials, such as PVC film, EVA foam, etc., through a certain die-cutting process.

In general, thermal printing machines are widely used in clothing, shoes and hats, luggage, home accessories, gifts, trademarks, advertising and other industries.

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