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Advantages of 202 stainless steel coil


202 Stainless Steel Coilis a low-nickel, high-manganese stainless steel. Compared with other stainless steels, it has the following advantages:

High strength: It has higher strength, which is better than ordinary 304 stainless steel coils, so it can be used in some more demanding situations.

Excellent corrosion resistance: It has good corrosion resistance, but compared to 304 stainless steel coils, its corrosion resistance is slightly inferior.

Excellent processing performance: It has excellent processing performance, is easy to cold process and form, and can also be hot processed.

High temperature oxidation resistance: It has good high temperature oxidation resistance and can be used in high temperature environments.

Low cost: Compared with other stainless steels, 202 stainless steel coils have lower costs, so they are widely used in some cost-sensitive fields.

Easy to maintain: 202 stainless steel coils are easy to maintain and are less likely to accumulate impurities such as dirt and bacteria, making them more hygienic and healthier.

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