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Introduction to brake system


The brake system is composed of a control system, a hydraulic system and a booster system.

1. Control system: pedal, handbrake, etc.

2. Hydraulic system: It is composed of hydraulic oil, brake pump and hydraulic oil pipe.

Hydraulic oil is the hydraulic medium used in the hydraulic system that utilizes the pressure energy of the liquid. It plays the role of energy transmission, system lubrication, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, cooling and so on in the hydraulic system. For hydraulic oil, it should first meet the requirements of the hydraulic device on the viscosity of the liquid at the working temperature and the starting temperature. Since the viscosity change of the oil is directly related to the hydraulic action, transmission efficiency and transmission accuracy, the viscosity-temperature performance of the oil and the Shear stability should meet the various needs raised by different uses.

The brake pump is composed of the master brake cylinder (Master Brake Cylinder) and the brake cylinder (Front & Rear Wheel Brake Cylinder). There are pistons. The piston is acted by the brake pedal in the cylinder and then through the push rod to transmit the brake oil pressure in the cylinder to the sub-cylinders of each wheel. It is also a hydraulic brake device and is configured in the brake cylinder of each wheel.

3. Booster system: vacuum booster pump

4. Electronic control system: It is composed of ABS pump, ABS sensor and ABS computer.

5. Executing system: composed of brake calipers, brake pads and brake discs.

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