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Features of Silent Oil-free Air Compressor


Due to the needs of the working environment, more and more users choose Silent Oil-free Air Compressor. How to choose the Silent Oil-free Air Compressor suitable for their own use? Based on years of market experience, the following suggestions are given, hoping to help you.

Silent Oil-free Air Compressor Feature 1

If the user's equipment does not require high air quality, you can choose a silent and oil-lubricated air compressor. This kind of air compressor is an air compressor modified from a refrigerator compressor, and the sound is very quiet, generally less than 45 decibels. Vibration is also minimal. The disadvantage is: the air contains oil, the air compressor cannot be inverted for a long time during transportation, and the failure rate is high. Since most domestic air compressors are refitted from recycled refrigerator compressors, the failure rate is high. Traffic is low.

Silent Oil-free Air Compressor Feature 2

The Portable Silent Oil-free Air Compressor that has entered the market in recent years, this air compressor adopts a swinging piston working form, and adopts a symmetrical structure of cylinders on both sides of the middle motor, which effectively solves the problems of vibration and small displacement. . The noise of this silent oil-free air compressor is generally below 55 decibels. For users who need high-quality gas, it is recommended to choose such an air compressor. If you need lower noise, you can use the way of installing a silent box to reduce the noise.

Silent Oil-free Air Compressor Feature 3

The scroll oil-free air compressor is also a quiet air compressor, which is characterized by a larger displacement, but the cost is higher. This kind of compressor is not a real oil-free air compressor. The air is filtered during the exhaust process, and the exhausted gas is cleaner than ordinary oil-free air compressors.

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